1st Avenue

Welcome to our next project. Well, another if you’re new to our site. But if you’ve been here from the very beginning, you could see this creation as our very first project. And it is also our only creation that unfortunately has impossibly weak results and we believe that this is precisely because it was our first contribution rather than being of weaker quality than the others. (We hope we’re not wrong :D)

Since it’s also one of our biggest projects we’ve ever done (as we say, this street contains a lot of firsts to leave it this sadly buried at the bottom of the page) we hope you’ll like it at least in part as much as we do.

This one loft contains

  • Restaurant Week&Geek
  • Rapunzel’s Hair and Beauty Salon
  • Graceley Spell’s Shop for every Witchcraft
  • Aunty Em’s Garden Emporium
  • Storybrooke Library
  • Cat’s Cafe with outdoor seating
  • Ranger’s Sweet Shop
  • Saint Mary Church
  • Santa’s Toy Chest
  • Solce&Sabbana best clothing store in the town
  • Heracles Gym
  • 3 Apartments all have access to roof areas, park with food trucks, basketball court, kids playground, meditation area, community garden area and cemetery

P.S. If you download this into the game, we strongly recommend going through every corner you can find because it’s really elaborate in the smallest detail you could imagine. But now let’s have a look at this beauty! ♥

main alley view
Witchcraft shop and first entrance apartment
garden shop
one apartment look
second apartment look
little cemetery