Rapunzel’s Tower Inside part

And just like we said, we have a bunch of pictures from this project. Because we usually divide the big ones into two parts, it isn’t a surprise that this is also the situation, so you can see even the inside before downloading it into your game.

We welcome you to our next project and this one has been waiting, unfinished in our game for as long as three years. When we do something according to the draft, whether from fairy tales, series of films, etc. we don’t like when the final result doesn’t exactly match the original. But as they add more and more objects, finally we were able to create something that we can at least call a tower inspired by that of Rapunzel 😀 We hope you’ll like and here you can read the description of the build that you can also find in game. ▼

If you love fairy tales as much as we do, you can’t choose a better place to vacation for your Sims than our Rapunzel’s Tower. Read your favorite book with the best view you can get or sit by the fire in your personal forest, where magic comes to life at every dusk.

And since we’ve spent more time on pictures of this project than we’d like 😀 Now you will get a big load of pictures, so we hope you’ll like them as much as we do. ♥

(You can also find a few new additions in views)

kitchen view
Bedroom part
Living room with the window area
bathroom, even for cat 🙂
actual entrance and bathtub behind it
Study area and door to the balcony