Helluva Hacienda

Welcome to our next article! This time we’ve prepared something special for you! If you’ve been playing the Sims franchise since the “The Sims 2” instalment, we’re sure you’ll recognise this building immediately.

The Sims 2 version

As you could already read on our front page, I have first started playing at the time when The Sims 2 were first out and available for purchase. This was a house that always – but seriously, always – was the one that my sister chose, and she was the one with whom I discovered this game for the first time. She had recently been ill and wanted to play again after a few years, and this time, she decided to try The Sims 4 for the first time, so of course there was something missing in there. Her Hacienda!

Of course it only took her a moment to persuade me to build her her dream house; and to be fair? I could not resist. I only used the basic game, therefore all the colours don’t match the original version exactly as I would have wanted to, and I put two bedrooms on top of it according to her request, as in her words she would have had to do it anyway as she would have had no room for children then as always… Classic The Sims life problems. 😀 But we still think we did pretty good and you can now download the legendary Hacienda into your game too!

upper view
front yard
first floor
second floor

We sincerely hope you enjoy this building as much as any of our previous ones and we look forward to seeing you in our next article. ♥


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