Witch’s Classroom

First, we’re very sorry about the delay between articles. We are preparing something huge, something less huge and something enormous… So you definitely have something to look forward to! In the meantime, we’re adding a small thing, classroom for young witches. We hope you gonna enjoy it.

What would you like as your next build? A school – because let’s face it; you can’t call what we got in the package from the developers a proper school, and we’ve been working on our own Copperdale High School ever since! Every time we thought it was almost done, we found something new that a proper High school really needs. For example, a theatre stage underground or a pool for the swimming team… You know, the regular things.

A Lovely Cabin whole made in wood, a Rapunzel Tower or another Farm, but this time with the Orchard? Please let us know in the comments! ♥