Roots Hill Farm & Orchard (Inside)

As with any major project, we divide this one into two different articles. In both, you can download the same version of the building. But we couldn’t fit all the photos into one and so here’s the other part. Well we could, but that would be hidious. This time with the inside part, so you can see exactly what you’re downloading into your game.

Please tell us in the comments what you would like next ▼

  • School for magical living beings (something like Nevermore Academy♥)
  • High school for regular children 😀 (because the one what developers add can’t be called a school)
  • Rapunzel Tower
  • Rebuild one of the San Myshuno City roof apartment (I make it look like apartment for a sims NBA’s player)
  • suggest anything you want ♥
Greenhouse and view to custom fireplace
Dining room with a custom bar
Little girl room

We hope you’re enjoying our farm, and given the new Horse Ranch package, it might even come in handy. And we’re really looking forward to yours suggestions for the next building. ♥